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3 DIY Projects That Can Sell Your Home Fast 

Selling your home can be an extremely long process. Even after spending weeks or even months staging your home for open houses and showings, calculating how much it’s worth, and discussing your house with a realtor, you must often wait months and sometimes even years longer for an offer that comes close to your asking price. If you started trying to sell your home today, it could very quickly be next year before it sells. With so much time dedicated to selling your home, many homeowners ask if there is any way to speed up the process. Well, in fact, there is! Performing a few short, cost-effective updates on your home can help sell it quickly and for a higher price.

Here, DoctorNotSure shares some of the most effective projects you might want to consider.

Remodel Your Bathroom

There is no need to do your whole bathroom in order to give it a facelift. Instead, consider doing something small such as replacing your bathtub and changing the backsplash. Even performing one of these smaller projects can make your bathroom more appealing to potential buyers and make the home feel more updated as a whole. According to Trulia, bathrooms and kitchens are the most important rooms when it comes to selling your home, so don’t skimp on updating either if you want your home to sell fast.

Update Your Landscaping

We know you probably haven’t touched your landscaping since you moved in, but if you want your house to sell fast, landscaping is an easy way to attract buyers. Curb appeal is a must. Without it, you might find it challenging to pull buyers into looking at the inside of your home. Even if inside your home is stunning, having a sub-par landscaping job can cause you to lose offers simply because buyers aren’t making it to the door. So, plan a trip to your local nursery and pick out a couple of trees, a few bushes, and maybe even some flowers to update your home’s curb appeal. While you’re at it,Trufant also recommends giving the front of your house a good power wash to freshen up the exterior.

Modernize the Kitchen

It is no secret that bathrooms and kitchens are the most important rooms when it comes to selling your home. Luckily, it doesn’t cost a fortune to give your kitchena facelift. Simply update the fixtures and, perhaps, paint the cabinets. If your home is particularly older, you might want to also consideradding a backsplash. Backsplashes are a newer trend in home design but are an easy way to make your kitchen look more modern in a short time frame.

Additionally, many people have started swapping out their older countertops for trendier variations. For example, engineered quartz countertops offer both durability and beauty without rupturing your budget in the process.

Now What?

After you’ve made some updates to your home, you might want to consider revisiting the value of your home and updating the listing price. Then, take a moment to calculate what you can make off the property. While it might be counterintuitive to increase the price of your home if you’re trying to sell it fast, keeping the price lower than it should be can discourage potential buyers from looking at it. Those looking for a home commonly have a budget range. If your listing price is too low, you could fall below the range of your targeted audience and cause potential buyers to never even see your home’s listing.

Calculating the worth of your home can also allow you to figure out how much money you’ll make when you sell it. According to US News, there are a number of online resources to help you figure out how much your home is worth. Once you have that number, you simply subtract the remaining amount you owe on your mortgage and any other fees you might have to pay. Then, you have how much profit you’ll gain from selling your home.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there’s only so much you can control in this situation. While your real estate agent will be able to guide you through the process, it’s up to you to manage your stress when it comes time to sell. By using a variety of techniques like accepting the situation, deep breathing and recognizing any triggers, you’ll be better prepared to weather whatever happens. 

Selling your home can be a lengthy process. By performing a few simple weekend DIY projects, you can attract potential buyers faster and get more offers. By doing one or even two of the projects mentioned in this article, you can quickly speed up the home selling process.

Article by Brittany Fisher

Photo Credit: Pexels